The ChamberCino Consulting Group, LLC was formed in 2008 primarily (but not exclusively) to provide Child and Family Investigations (CFI) in Colorado per Colorado Chief Justice Directive 04-08.  That directive describes the process by which individuals or groups may become sufficiently trained to conduct investigations for the court, among other information. That document can be found online at

 In addition, the ChamberCino Consulting Group, LLC provides Parental Responsibility Evaluations.  Aside from the fiscal limitations imposed on Child and Family Investigations by the Colorado Supreme Court, the primary difference between the two processes is one of detail and depth. The PRE tends to be much more detailed and may be experienced by some as intrusive, because it usually includes psychological assessment (with standardized instruments) and it is not limited to a single issue, as many CFI processes are limited.

The documents found on the accompanying pages of this website explain more fully the principles, policies and procedures of the Child and Family Investigation, and the Parental Responsibility Evaluation as conducted by The ChamberCino Consulting Group, LLC.  The principles, policies and procedures were developed with substantial consideration of the letter and the intent of Chief Justice Directive 04-08 and existing statute.  

The principal investigator for The ChamberCino Consulting Group is Dr. Carey Chamberlin.  Having worked with adolescents and adults in forensic settings, including hospitals, jails and prisons, juvenile detention facilities and residential treatment facilities, Dr. Chamberlin has gained a significant sense for the contribution that positive parenting can make in a child’s life. 

As a consultant to the group, Dr. Debra Pedicino has thirty years in teaching, staff development and counseling in schools.  Dr. Pedicino has expertise in childhood development.  Dr. Pedicino has worked as an elementary school teacher, as a high school counselor, and a staff development trainer for teachers.  She knows younger children and adolescents, and she knows what it takes to provide a beneficial home environment for children. 

This powerful combination of experience in a variety of settings with a variety of individuals and families provides effective eyes and ears to assist the Court.  Recognizing that the Court needs the CFI  or the PRE to provide accurate, unbiased but timely information regarding the best interests of the children, The ChamberCino Consulting Group is ready to apply substantial experience and training to Child and Family Investigations in Colorado, or to the Parental Responsibility Evaluations in Colorado.

For more information about Dr. T. Carey Chamberlin, please access the website  For additional information about Dr. Debra A. Pedicino, please access the pages on this website pertaining to her substantial training, background and experience.    The ChamberCino Consulting Group, LLC, is available to provide consultation for legal situations that may involve mental health questions, and educational or developmental issues